Should You Wear Makeup While Working Out?

My husband and I have recently started trying to lose weight, which means counting calories and hitting the gym, or in my case, playing a lot of sand volleyball. However, me being self-conscious, I really don’t like to leave the house without makeup, even if I’m just going to the gym and won’t see anyone I know. Because of this, I’ve kind of been struggling with whether it actually is bad to wear makeup to the gym, and here’s what I’ve decided:

No, it isn’t, on most occasions. If you’re going to shower pretty immediately after you workout (as you should and I’m guilty of not always), then no, go ahead and wear makeup. You’re going to wash it and the dirt and sweat off when you get home anyways, so it shouldn’t bother your skin.

Now, I will say the kind and how much makeup you wear is important. I’ve mentioned before that I like to wear bb cream in the summer, and I think it’s something that’s good for the gym, as well. It gives me a layer of coverage, but it also moisturizes my skin and most of them provide some UV protection, which is great for me playing sand volleyball. I would also recommend waterproof eye makeup, as you don’t want it to drip down into your eyes while you’re sweating (or “glistening” as my mom likes to say”).

If you are comfortable enough to go to the gym without makeup on, I salute you. I hope to be one day, but I’m not there yet.

PS: I apologize if this seems a little unorganized or like I’m rambling. One of my very good friends is moving tomorrow, and we’re having lunch in a bit, and I’m having trouble keeping my thoughts organized.