My 5 Product Face

If you’re anything like me, occasionally you’re running late and have to rush through your makeup routine. For those special morning, I have a five product routine that I do, so I can still look presentable, but it takes less time than my normal routine. I figured I’m not the only one who has this problem, so I thought I’d share my routine to give other ladies like me a little inspiration.

  1. I start with my Baby Skin primer. This is a pore eraser, so it gives me a smooth canvas to work with. It also makes my makeup stay on longer, because it gives my foundation something to stick to.
  2. While my primer is drying, I put on my eyeliner. I use a gel pencil from Ulta and just swipe it under my top lashes and along my bottom eyelid. Then, I smudge it a little if it’s too dark.
  3. Next, I put on my foundation. I use CoverGirl TruBlend. It isn’t very expensive and it works well for me, but use whatever you like best.
  4. While my foundation is drying, I use a tinted eye primer to get some color. I really like Ulta’s Tinted Eye Primer, and this one is Satin Blush. It’s not very bright, but it gives my lids a little shimmer, which I like for everyday wear anyways.
  5. Finally, I contour using a matte bronzer. This helps define my face a little, and for me, it’s more important than blush or highlighter, so I always make sure this gets done.

What is your in a hurry beauty routine? What products help you cut your time down in the morning?

Night Out Makeup

Good morning! I am very excited for this evening because I’m finally getting a night out with some of my girls. It’s been far too long, because we’re all adults and have our own lives now. However, every once in a while, we like to get together at our favorite bar downtown, have a couple drinks, sing some karaoke, and just let loose a little. Today, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite makeup looks for going out.

To start, I like to use BECCA’s backlight priming filter, because it gives my skin a nice glow. Then, I add my foundation. Currently, I’m using CoverGirl Tru Match, which is a drugstore brand, but I really like it. Next, I contour with a matte bronzer from Ulta. I put this under my cheeks, at my jawline, and on the sides of my nose. I know some people do their forehead as well, but I usually don’t. Next I use Tarte’s live boldly blush, pictured in the photo above. I just sweep on a little to give my face some color. Finally, I highlight with Tarte’s posse, also pictured in the above photo.

That is traditionally my routine for my everyday makeup, which I also follow when going out, because I like the way I look in it. Playing with my eye makeup is where I like to have more fun than with my everyday makeup. For this eye look, I use Tarte’s Double Duty Beauty Palette, an Ulta black eyeliner pencil, Ulta eye primer in satin blush, and No.7 mascara. Start with Ulta eye primer in satin blush, which is a really pretty rose gold color. I like to use this for my primer, because it layers easily, but I can also wear it alone. Next, I use a large eyeshadow brush to add date night (top left) all over my lid up to my brow bone. Then, with a small, flat brush, I dab messy bun (one to the right) in the center of my lid. On either side of that, I dab glam girl (in between date night and blush), so my eyelids have three color blocks for the moment. Once that is done, I sweep a little bit of girl code (next to glam girl) into the lid. Finally, I blend it all, so it looks seamless and add a little eyeliner. I can never pull off a winged look, because my eyelids are too thin, so I just put a small line. I finish with my No.7 mascara.

Finally, I choose my lip color. Currently, I’m wearing NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake, but I may switch to something a little bolder when the time comes to actually get ready for the night. I like dark lipsticks, especially in winter, so I may pull one of those out tonight. What are your favorite going out lip colors or looks? Let me know in the comments, and have a great weekend!

Drugstore Makeup That Works

If you’re like me, you’d rather not spend a ton of money on your makeup. However, it can be difficult to find good quality makeup at those lower price points. Between my own experiences and recommendations I’ve gotten from friends, I think I’ve found some good options for drugstore makeup that actually works. Try some of these out and let me know what your think.

For lip colors and eyeshadows, I like to go with NYX. Their colors are strongly pigmented and tend to last. I don’t love their matte liquid lipsticks, except for their Lingerie Liquids, because I don’t feel like the colors are what they claim to be, and they dry my lips out. However, their solid lip colors are pretty good. They go on smoothly and tend to last as long as I need them to. They’re not very expensive, usually around $7 or so, which is pretty standard for drugstore brands. You can find their products at places like Ulta, CVS, and Target has recently started carrying NYX products.

I really like E.L.F. for brushes and eyeshadows. Their brushes are cheap, but they seem to be of good quality. I also have one of their baked eyeshadow palettes. I love the colors; they’re mostly metallics and pale hues. My only real issue with it is that you really have to scrape the top off before you can use any of it, which feels wasteful to me. This also makes it kind of tough to use a brush for application, so I use my ring finger to apply it. E.L.F. can be found many places including Walmart, Target, Old Navy, and others.

I also like the Covergirl brand. I use their Tru Match foundation, especially in the summer because it’s a sheer coverage, so it’s lighter than my normal foundation. It’s usually around $10 per bottle, and when you use a primer or BB cream underneath, it gives better coverage and lasts longer. It does typically last well, though, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a lighter foundation, or just starting out with makeup. I get mine at Kroger, but I’ve seen it at most grocery stores that carry cosmetics, so it can probably be found at places like CVS and Walgreens, as well.

While I see the benefits of prestige brands for some things, I think drugstore makeup is a perfectly good choice, especially for lipsticks or eyeshadow, because you’ll want multiple shades. Let me know what drugstore makeup items or brands you love! Let’s save each other some money this holiday season.

3 Foundations for Everyday Wear

When you build a house, it’s natural to start with the foundation. I figured I’d do the same with this blog. To start, I want to go over a few different foundations that I’ve had good results with, and talk about prices and where you can get them. Please feel free to leave me questions or comments, and let me know if there’s anything I didn’t include that you wish I had.

$$$ – Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – Priced at $41 a bottle, this is definitely the most expensive foundation I’ve ever worn. It is a medium to full buildable coverage foundation, which is great if you feel like you have a lot you want to cover up. It does last a long time, as advertised, but I don’t love the way it feels on my face.  That may just be a personal preference, but it feels really thick to me.  It also has SPF, which is great for everyday wear, but it’s not great for pictures, because it causes a glare. There are a lot of pros, but by far, my least favorite thing about this foundation is that there is no pump on the bottle, so you end up wasting a lot.  You just have to pour it out onto whatever you’re using to apply it to your face. As expensive as it is, I hate wasting any. I got mine from Macy’s and would rate this a 7 out of 10.

$$ – The Balm Even Steven Whipped Foundation – This is my favorite foundation of the 3. This foundation is $22 per jar, which seems like a lot, because the jar is pretty small. However, you don’t need much at all to cover your face. It goes on smooth and spreads evenly. It’s a medium coverage foundation, and it seems like you may need to go a shade darker than what you would normally buy. For example, I’m pretty fair and generally buy the lightest or second to lightest option available. For this foundation, I originally bought their Lighter than Light, but it was too light for me, so I went with light.  Just something to keep in mind when looking at this foundation. One of my least favorite things about it is that, once you’re about halfway through the jar, it gets a little difficult to get out. I got mine from Kohls and would rate it a 9 out of 10.

$ – Covergirl Tru Match Foundation – This is the best drugstore foundation I’ve found, and the best part is, it’s only about $10 or $11 depending on where you get it. It’s a sheer to medium coverage, and looks a lot better when you use a primer underneath. For me, it seems to last a long time, maybe not all day, but close. The bottle design is great, and it’s easy to get the right amount out. Plus, it goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel to thick on my face.  I wish it had an SPF, but it’s still really great for everyday wear. I wish it had a little more coverage, but again, use primer or a BB cream underneath, and you shouldn’t have a problem. I get mine from Kroger or Walmart, and I would rate this an 8 out of 10.

I hope this was helpful, and again, feel free to drop me a message if there’s anymore information you’d like.