Spring Cleaning 101

I’ve spent most of the morning so far today working on cleaning out my house. A little spring cleaning, if you will, even though it snowed here all day yesterday. I tend to be a little bit of a hoarder, but most of it comes from laziness, rather than having any actual attachment to the stuff. Because of this, I thought it might help some of you who are like me to hear my approach on how I get started when I finally work up the nerve to attack the clutter.

  1. Start wherever you feel comfortable. Decluttering your house can seem really overwhelming, so feel free to start wherever you want. Today, I started by cleaning out my makeup drawer and just throwing away anything I hadn’t used in the last 6 months or more. There were some things I didn’t even know I had! I was tempted to keep some of those, but realized I had lived this long without it, so I probably didn’t need it. Plus, who knew if it was even good any more.
  2. Make piles to help you stay organized. When I started cleaning out my closet, I made a pile that I was going to take to Plato’s closet (stuff that was in good shape that I thought they might buy), a pile for Good Will, and a pile to trash. Then, I put those piles into marked garbage bags, so I could take them to their respective destinations.
  3. Clean immediately after decluttering. I know it can be tempting after you’ve decluttered to take a break for the rest of the day. However, your floors and counters will never be clearer than right after you declutter, so that is the perfect time to clean them, as well.
  4. Stay hydrated. Decluttering your home is no small task, so make sure you don’t undertake it without taking care of your body, too. Take short breaks to grab water every now and then and just to sit down for a minute.

I hope everyone’s spring cleaning journeys are going well and that these tips helped you out a little! What is your favorite spring cleaning tip?

Bachelor Thoughts – Week 7

I apologize profusely for not doing this yesterday. I’m actually not even sure if anyone keeps up with these, but I have fun doing these. Unfortunately, I’m laid up with strep or something similar today, so this post may be a little short. I’m just not really up for much. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! Anyways, onto the this weeks episode.

I like Becca K, and while I know she’s not the most exciting character, I think she’s really funny on social media. I think I want her to either win or be the next Bachelorette, but I think they may be grooming Tia for that. I don’t have much to say about their date, other than I totally respect the fact that she wouldn’t put her wine glass down to kiss him.

I don’t get Lauren B. I hope something is going on off-camera, because OMG their conversations are so boring. I almost kind of hope she wins, just because I think all the other girls are too good for him. Also, I’m pretty sure he just really had to go to the bathroom at the exact moment she told him she was falling in love with him. And then he had to walk solemnly in the woods to play it off. I don’t know, that’s just my theory. I can’t believe he said he loved her. Not in exactly those words, but the word love was in there, and that did not go well for Ben H, and he only had 2 women left.

I was proud of Jacqueline for making the decision to go home. She wasn’t sure, and really, why introduce someone to your parents that you aren’t sure about? It’s so awkward, and there’s no need to subject yourself to that. I did feel weird about the post-break up make out session. Just go already!

Sienne…sweet, beautiful Sienne. I felt bad for her, but honestly, she’s way too good for this show and for Arie. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing her on my TV screen, because I have a huge girl crush on her. However, I am glad she’s not going to end up with Arie. Their date was super cute though, and she seemed like she had a good time. I hope we’ll see her again. I think she’s bachelorette material, although, I think she left a little too early, and again, I think Tia is getting groomed for that.

I like that we got a surprise 2-on-1 with that group date. Also, I’m very excited to see Kendall’s home town. She’s also really fun on social media and seems just as nice in real life as she does on camera. Also, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think Tia said what she said about Bekah M maliciously. I think if that were the case, she never would have told Bekah what she said. She would have left it to Arie like everyone else. I can see where she honestly might have just felt protective and wanted to keep Arie from getting hurt as best she could. And I like Bekah, but I’m only 23, and it took a long time dating my husband before I was sure I was ready for marriage. I think Arie made the right decision by giving Tia the rose.

Very excited for the next couple of episodes. What are you looking forward to most? Who do you think will win? Who will be the next Bachelorette?