Makeup Icon: Ashley Benson

If you’ve ever watched Pretty Little Liars, you probably recognize her as Hanna Marin. I’ve been watching through it lately from some combination of boredom and bachelor drama withdrawal (which is over now YAY!), and I’m really enjoying it. It was on while I was in high school, and I read the books, but with sports and school and homework, I could never keep up with it.

Anyways, watching through it, I’ve realized how much I love the hair and makeup in this show, especially Hanna’s. All the girls are beautiful, but I think Hanna’s style lines up more with mine. I love Aria’s look, but it’s a little edgier than what I’m comfortable with. I realize they’re all done professionally, but I’m so jealous of how perfect it looks. The eyeliner especially. I think eyeliner is my kryptonite.

Who are some of your makeup icons? What do you wish you could do like them?

Bachelor Thoughts – Week 9 and Finale

Okay y’all, these last two weeks were a lot, and I’m sorry to do them all at once, but where I was in Germany, it was tough to watch and talk about them. Also, I accidentally found some spoilers, so I didn’t want to accidentally post about them and ruin it for any of y’all. Anyways, let me start by saying I could not be happier Becca K is the new bachelorette. If you saw my first Bachelor post, you know she’s been my long-time favorite, and I don’t know her, but from what I’ve seen, I think she deserves the world. She seems kind, empathetic, funny, and I think she’ll make one hell of a bachelorette.

Let’s unpack the fantasy suite dates first. I’m going to be brief since it was over a week ago, and the final was way more to cover. To start, I cannot believe he told all 3 women he loved them. If we learned anything from Ben H’s season, that’s a huge no-no, and it’s going to lead to someone being badly hurt. Which it did, shocker. Kendall’s date looked the most fun, albeit terrifying, and I’m glad he was respectful enough to pull her to the side during the rose ceremony and tell her it wasn’t working, rather than give out the roses and leave her wondering. I can’t say much about Lauren’s date, because I honestly don’t remember much, except the sky paintings. They honestly didn’t talk that much about anything important. I’m still baffled by the finale, but we’ll get to that. Becca’s little tent was so cute, and other than it not having a bathroom, I would really like to stay in something like that. Also, I cannot believe her ex-boyfriend showed up. Homeboy, you had 7 years to propose, and you’ve been broken up for a year. It might be time to move on. I think Becca handled it beautifully, though (as she has everything else) and was straight-forward with him, so there was no room for interpretation. You never doubted it was over.

Oh, boy. The finale. This is definitely the biggest disaster of a finale I’ve seen in my viewing life (I started with Jojo’s season). I don’t fully understand how you can be equally in love with two very different women at once, but then again I have never dated 30 people at once, so maybe you can be. However, if you are, YOU DON’T PROPOSE TO ONE RIGHT AFTER BREAKING UP WITH THE OTHER. Not to say Becca wouldn’t have still been hurt, but she made a great point on After the Final Rose that that moment will never be as special for her again. That sucks, and he took that from her. Now, I do wish Lauren and Arie all the happiness, if for no other reasons than it let me have Becca as the bachelorette and that I hope she didn’t get hurt for nothing. As always, I think Becca was the epitome of class and elegance, and I really don’t think she could have been any kinder to Arie under the circumstances. I guess I’m glad Lauren took him back, but I don’t think they should’ve gotten engaged so quickly, and I do think she at least should watch the finale. If nothing else to learn what she’s gotten herself into.

Becca as the bachelorette is the absolute best choice they could’ve made. She’s beautiful, funny, and she seems the most real out of so many of the other girls I’ve seen on these shows. The guys they brought out were super fun, and I hope she gets a group of men as amazing as Arie’s women were. She definitely deserves it. I did learn however that one of the men possibly went to my college and may have gotten kicked out of his fraternity for nefarious behavior. I won’t say who until I can confirm and/or he gets kicked off. Regardless, I am very excited for this next season, and cannot wait for May 28th! What are your thoughts on this season?


Bachelor Thoughts – Week 8

I can’t believe we’re already on Week 8 of this season. Somehow it seems like this season has simultaneously flown by and dragged on and on. I was so sure the boyfriend scene was going to be in this episode, but once again, I was disappointed. However, I am extremely pleased with the fact that I’ve gotten a rose ceremony at the end of every episode, rather than at the beginning of some and not at all in others. I hope they are using this season as a reset and will keep it up. Good work ABC!

On to the hometown dates. Hometown dates may be my favorite episodes, because by this point, we know the contestants well enough to be excited to see if their family shares their crazy. Of course, Kendall’s date starts with them walking into what appears to be an airplane hangar filled with dead animals taxidermy. I wish ABC didn’t zoom in on so many of them, because honestly, I find it a little creepy. Like, you do your thing, girl, but I’m not into it. I also really appreciated the look on Arie’s face when she said they were going to mount their own taxidermy. He looked petrified. Amazing. I know Kylie is her twin, but gosh they are so alike. They look alike, they talk alike, and they even seem to have similar quirks. Honestly, I wasn’t really concerned with the rest of her family, but I was sad her mom wasn’t named some version of Kris.

With Tia’s hometown date, I couldn’t believe we didn’t see Raven and Adam. ABC clearly loves Raven (and why shouldn’t they?), so I couldn’t believe that was cut out. Especially since they flew through the hometowns so quickly. I loved how much her family brought up the Kissing Bandit thing. It’s funny, too, because he got that nickname while he was on the Bachelorette, so there was only one woman. He didn’t get that name for being a womanizer, but that’s what they made it out to seem like. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he has been at some point in his life, but I don’t think that’s relevant to the Kissing Bandit nickname. Her family seems really sweet though, and I’m hopeful to see more of them, because here’s hoping Tia’s the next Bachelorette.

Becca K’s hometown date seemed the most natural for me. He seemed to fit in well with her family, and he even got teary-eyed with her uncle when he was talking about Becca’s dad. It was very sweet, and I’m really hoping she wins. They honestly just seem to have the easiest connection, and they fit well together. Her mom was so sweet, and I think she and Arie seemed to get along really well. I will be very surprised if she’s not at least in the final two. Also, the apple-picking date looked super fun. I want to try that slingshot thing.

Lauren. Sweet, boring Lauren. This was the most I’ve heard her talk the entire season, and it’s probably because her family seemed just as quiet as she is. Her mom seemed to be the most skeptical of this process out of all the families, and I would imagine it’s because her daughter has already had one failed engagement, and she doesn’t want to see her have another. I can’t blame her for that. I love in all the previews, ABC showed the dads being super aggressive, but they actually all got along really well with Arie. It was nice to hear Arie had gone to Afghanistan to visit the troops. My dad was in the Air Force and was deployed several times, so I have a special place in my heart for anyone who tries to make their time over there a little better. I think the final two will definitely come down to Lauren and Becca, and I hope Becca wins, but honestly, neither would surprise me.

With as fast as the hometown dates were over, I was surprised at how much they dragged out the rose ceremony. Arie seemed really torn, which makes sense, because they’re basically all too good for him. Regardless, when he pulled Kendall out, I was pretty sure it was a misdirect, and he wouldn’t be sending her home that night. I was not expecting Tia to go home yet, but I imagine they’re doing Women Tell All this Sunday, so they can announce she will be the next Bachelorette. I can’t think of who else it would be. She broke my heart though when she didn’t get the rose. She kept asking what she did wrong, and my heart physically heart for her. She’s so great, and I hope she finds someone worthy of her. I can’t wait to see what drama the Women Tell All and Fantasy Suites hold for us. Who do you think will win?

Bachelor Thoughts – Week 7

I apologize profusely for not doing this yesterday. I’m actually not even sure if anyone keeps up with these, but I have fun doing these. Unfortunately, I’m laid up with strep or something similar today, so this post may be a little short. I’m just not really up for much. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! Anyways, onto the this weeks episode.

I like Becca K, and while I know she’s not the most exciting character, I think she’s really funny on social media. I think I want her to either win or be the next Bachelorette, but I think they may be grooming Tia for that. I don’t have much to say about their date, other than I totally respect the fact that she wouldn’t put her wine glass down to kiss him.

I don’t get Lauren B. I hope something is going on off-camera, because OMG their conversations are so boring. I almost kind of hope she wins, just because I think all the other girls are too good for him. Also, I’m pretty sure he just really had to go to the bathroom at the exact moment she told him she was falling in love with him. And then he had to walk solemnly in the woods to play it off. I don’t know, that’s just my theory. I can’t believe he said he loved her. Not in exactly those words, but the word love was in there, and that did not go well for Ben H, and he only had 2 women left.

I was proud of Jacqueline for making the decision to go home. She wasn’t sure, and really, why introduce someone to your parents that you aren’t sure about? It’s so awkward, and there’s no need to subject yourself to that. I did feel weird about the post-break up make out session. Just go already!

Sienne…sweet, beautiful Sienne. I felt bad for her, but honestly, she’s way too good for this show and for Arie. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing her on my TV screen, because I have a huge girl crush on her. However, I am glad she’s not going to end up with Arie. Their date was super cute though, and she seemed like she had a good time. I hope we’ll see her again. I think she’s bachelorette material, although, I think she left a little too early, and again, I think Tia is getting groomed for that.

I like that we got a surprise 2-on-1 with that group date. Also, I’m very excited to see Kendall’s home town. She’s also really fun on social media and seems just as nice in real life as she does on camera. Also, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think Tia said what she said about Bekah M maliciously. I think if that were the case, she never would have told Bekah what she said. She would have left it to Arie like everyone else. I can see where she honestly might have just felt protective and wanted to keep Arie from getting hurt as best she could. And I like Bekah, but I’m only 23, and it took a long time dating my husband before I was sure I was ready for marriage. I think Arie made the right decision by giving Tia the rose.

Very excited for the next couple of episodes. What are you looking forward to most? Who do you think will win? Who will be the next Bachelorette?

Bachelor Thoughts – Week 6

I don’t even have words for how amazing last night’s episode was. First of all, my bottom three are gone, and I honestly would be okay with any of the remaining six women winning. I don’t love Lauren B, but she and Arie seem to get along well, and they’re both kind of boring, so it may actually be a good match. However, I can’t help but wonder a couple of things. One: is she going to be the new Krystal? They seemed to kind of allude to that at the end there. That would be pretty disappointing if so. Two: the guy that shows up later in the season, is it her ex-fiancĂ©? That would be my guess. I think he says something like, “That’s my girl. I’m gonna marry her,” which would make sense since they were engaged at one point. I wonder how she’ll react.

I actually thought Lauren was going to get sent home after her one on one. I guess the producers were just trying to make it seem like that, but it seemed like they didn’t talk at all during the day, and then she talked about how she wasn’t sure she could trust him and whatnot, which, to be fair, she’s only known him for a month and a half. Regardless, I was surprised she stayed. It seems like Arie might have a slight preference for blondes, and potentially crazy ones at that (cough cough Krystal).

The group date was weird. I legitimately felt like Arie was just using it as an excuse to get to see all their butts, which felt super sleazy. Maybe I’m wrong, but I kind of doubt it. I appreciated Tia, because for some reason, she was the only one calling attention to the fact that it was super weird their butts were out. Thankfully, ABC black-barred them, because that could have been far too awkward. Also, coincidence they put Bekah M in a blonde wig? I’m telling ya, preference for blondes.

The best part of last night’s episode was by far the two on one. I accidentally got it spoiled for myself, so I knew Kendall would be on the date, but I clicked out right away, so I didn’t know who would go home. I was pretty sure it would be Krystal, whether it was just wishful thinking, who knows, but my heart was pounding right before he gave out the rose. Honestly, I think Krystal screwed herself out of it when she tried to attack Kendall. I actually think she had Arie fooled until she did that. I really appreciated the way Kendall handled herself. I can’t remember how old she is (26 or 27?), but she seems so mature and like she has a good grasp on reality, even if she does collect dead animals. If she doesn’t win, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her. I think Krystal is the first person to get dumped this late in the season that I actually didn’t feel bad for other than Chad on Jojo’s season.

I’m also kind of surprised Jacqueline didn’t get sent home. Arie seemed like he was saying all of the classic breakup lines. “I don’t want to hold you back.” “I don’t want to be a burden.” So on, and so forth. Also, she was acting a little crazy and maybe deferring to him a little too much. I did appreciate she was up front about what her life plans were, and I can see how it would be easy to get into your head in situations like that. Maybe she’ll do better last week.

Thankfully, Arie didn’t screw up his perfect episode during the rose ceremony either. He kept Becca K, Sienne, and Tia, so he really has a great lineup for the next four weeks. I’ll be interested to see who goes home next week, and I haven’t read any spoilers, but I’m thinking (hoping) the final four will be Kendall, Sienne, Becca K, and Tia. I have a feeling he’s going to decide pretty soon that Bekah M is too young for him. It’s not that I don’t think it could work; my husband is 7 years older than me. However, they are in very different stages of their life right now, which can make a big difference. My husband and I were both in school when we met, so it made the connection a little easier.

Anyways, I can’t wait to tune in next week to see the magic that Tuscany will bring to my screen. I’ve definitely jumped on team Kendall, but I’m still holding out hope for Becca K, Sienne, or Tia for the next bachelorette. I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed. Also, one of my friends just told me I could nominate him to go on, so I’m pretty excited about that. Who do you want to see as the next bachelorette?


Bachelor Thoughts – Week 5

Good morning! I will try not to focus on Krystal this week, which may be hard to do since the episode certainly did. I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t pay as much attention as I normally do, because the episode was so Krystal-heavy. Chelsea’s date was pretty sweet, and I definitely like her more than I did at the beginning of the season. I can’t remember if it was her first husband, or if they weren’t married, but I appreciate that she was pretty open about all that. She didn’t try to hide it. I felt really bad for her. It takes guts to explain that you were left for another woman on national television. I hope she and her son find someone that fits into their lives and will support them the way they deserve.

The group date started with Arie licking a bowling ball, so that was gross. Jenna is pretty extra, and I’m kind of tired of her, but I’ll take her over Krystal any day. Also, I think Arie made the right decision to open the “after party” to everyone. These girls are here to get to know him, and how can they do that if they don’t get any time. Throwing a tantrum about a choice he makes is certainly not the way to win his heart, and I have never liked Arie more than when he called Krystal out for it. At the cocktail party, when he said, “This could be our last fight,” I was on board in that moment. Plus he seemed miserable having to give her the last rose, and I felt for him.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t pay that much attention to Tia’s date. I really like her, but I was so annoyed with Krystal already, and the fact that the producers showed spoilers for next week showing her there, that I had kind of zoned out. Plus, I was watching with some friends, and we were talking about other things. I think it’s funny that she was first to say love, because Raven was, too. Great minds? I don’t know, but I really like them both.

At least if we had to keep Krystal one more week, we’ll almost certainly get a 2-on-1. I hope they leave her somewhere remote. Is that awful? Maybe. As of now, my favorites are still safe, although I’m still salty Caroline went home. My top three are Sienne, Becca K, and Tia. I like some of the other girls, but those are just my favorites. What are your thoughts on the season so far?

Bachelor Thoughts – Week 4

Hello everyone! Sorry I am a little behind on this week’s post, but I added a bunch of new work, and I am swamped. But, let’s get on with it. Here’s how I felt about week 4 of Arie’s season of The Bachelor.

Let me start by saying, I am so sad Caroline went home. I really liked Caroline and will continue to hope she’ll be on BIP. She’s so fun, and I definitely want to see more of her. Also, I thought her and Tia’s jest in the hot tub was not mean-spirited at all. If it was, I don’t think they would have done it right in front of Arie. They would have been way more subtle. I mean, I’m definitely biased, because I really dislike Krystal, but there’s no way Caroline should have been sent home before her. However, I am really excited for the 2-on-1 they’re setting up between Tia and Krystal. Tia grows on me every episode. I already liked her, because Raven is one of my favorites, but she’s great.

I have some mixed feelings about the wilderness date. While it was weird, I did really like getting to learn more about Kendall, and I love that she kissed Arie in front of Krystal. I am glad they didn’t make them drink their own pee. I really thought they were going to make them, and I gagged a lot. But thankfully, I was saved from my misery. Also, I was very jealous of that cabin. It looked so nice. Where do I sign up for that?

About the whole thing with Bekah M – I just don’t really get the big deal. Yes, she is kind of young for him, but so what? There are several other girls who are barely older than her. She’s an adult, and if she says she’s ready to get married, who are we to judge? And they seem to get along really well. I definitely don’t think she’ll win, but I like her, and I hope she’s on BIP or a future season of Winter Games. Speaking of which, I was very excited about the previews they showed last night. I can’t wait for that to start.

Finally, I was very excited Sienne got a one-on-one. She is gorgeous, she’s smart, and she seems like she has a very good head on her shoulders. If she doesn’t win, I definitely want her to be the next Bachelorette. Her eyes were basically sparkling during dinner; it was crazy. She is Disney princess pretty. It’s insane. But, I should probably stop fan-girling over her before my husband gets jealous.

Sienne and Becca K are still my two favorites. Although, I realized last night, I actually really like all of Arie’s girls except Krystal. He’s got a really good group, and once Krystal is gone, it will be perfect. Who are your favorites? Who surprised you in the rose ceremony last night?