An Open Letter to Cosmetics Companies Regarding Foundation

Dear Cosmetics Companies,

Let me start by saying that I love your products, and I rarely leave home without several of them on. They can do a lot for my face, including cover redness, minimize pores, and even make my face look thinner. However, I do have one small complaint, and that is how foundations are labeled.

Now, I realize you want to make yours stand out, so you give them creative names and tone scales, but as a consumer, it would make my life infinitely easier if I could tell if your foundation would match my skin tone just by looking at the label. I have found a few different foundations that I like, but if I ever want to venture outside of those, I’m basically just guessing as to whether it will look right on me.

My request is simple: come up with a standardized numbering system (similar to clothes sizing, even though we all know how much those can vary) that assigns each shade a different number. This way, you can have color swatches, so your customer immediately knows what shade they need and won’t have to play trial and error until they get it right.

While it may seem like this would take a lot of time and money up front, I think it would actually save you a lot of both in the long run. You won’t have to worry about as many returns from customers who bought the wrong shade, which then renders that bottle useless. In addition, you likely won’t have to field as many complaints about the difficulty of finding the right shade. I know it won’t cut out all complaints, but I think it would help.

I hope you’ll consider my proposal, and begin working on a better system. I think a lot of people will agree that they would be much happier with something like this in place.



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