Ipsy vs Birchbox

Both Ipsy and Birchbox seem to have gained a lot of traction over the past couple of years, but is one better than the other? Let me start by saying that I have not tried Ipsy, but I have done Birchbox and have several friends who have done both. For those who don’t know, Ipsy and Birchbox are subscription services that for around $10/month, they send monthly packages of 5 sample-sized beauty products. It could be makeup, hair care, skincare, or really anything in between. I even got a little packet of almond butter as a bonus once. Birchbox sends their samples in cute little paper boxes, and with Ipsy, you get adorable makeup bags.

First, let me say, they do send a good mix of really good brands (Benefit, Oribe, etc) and brands I’ve never heard of to help me find some things I’ve really loved. However, I always felt with Birchbox like I was getting less actual makeup than I really wanted and more skincare and hair care. There was a place on their website to update what I wanted more of, but I’m not sure it really made a difference. For me, I have a skincare routine I like, but I just wanted to try new types of makeup. I think this was my main problem with the service. Now, I have tons of skincare products that are just tucked away in my closet, which may be great one day, but for now, it’s kind of a nuisance. I don’t say this to say I haven’t gotten some amazing makeup from Birchbox. I really have. I got a Benefit Porefessional primer that I’m in love with, some ColourPop eyeshadows that looked great, and even a Cynthia Rowland silver eyeliner that I wasn’t sure about, but ended up loving. Friends of mine that have used both say they definitely prefer Birchbox and recommend it if you don’t care about the bag.

Clutter is another problem I had with them. I ended up keeping most of the boxes I got, because I felt like they’d make good gift boxes. They have the approximately 3 times I’ve used them, but I still have around 30 boxes just hanging out in my closet. Plus, they almost all still have samples in them. I tend to let clutter accumulate, so these were probably not great things for me to take part in, but if you are a hoarder as well, I recommend Ipsy simply because makeup bags are much easier to store. However, they did help me discover a lot of things that I really like, so I’d say it was worth it overall for me.

Have you tried Birchbox or Ipsy? Both? What was your experience? Did you like the service? I hope if you’re on the fence that this was at least slightly helpful in making your decision easier. Let me know!

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