Why I Don’t Hate My Stretch Marks

I was looking in the mirror tonight before I got in the shower and noticed I had a couple new stretch marks on my stomach. Then, I realized something. That I didn’t hate them. Yes, sometimes I wish they weren’t there, but I don’t hate them. I don’t hate them, because they’re a part of me. I know I’m a little overweight, and sometimes I don’t feel beautiful or sexy because of it. However, I still like who I am. I definitely struggle with my feelings of self-worth on many occasions, and I have trouble loving myself or thinking of myself as beautiful, but I’ve at least gotten to the point where I like who I am. I’m funny and smart and passionate and loyal as hell to those who deserve it and even some that don’t.

My stretch marks remind me that I’m human, and no matter what, I’m always going to have imperfections. But imperfections make life better. Imperfections bring beauty and character into this world, and I think it’s important that we occasionally acknowledge those imperfections and realize they don’t diminish our worth. In fact, they actually probably increase it, because they make us unique from everyone else. No, I’m not the only one with stretch marks on my stomach, but I’m the only one with my stretch marks. And for that, I don’t hate them; I may even kind of like them.

What are some imperfections that you have and have learned to at least appreciate? I won’t tell you to love yourself, because I know how hard that is, but try to look at your imperfections as unique features, and see if that doesn’t help you at least like yourself a little more.


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