Bachelor Thoughts – Week 9 and Finale

Okay y’all, these last two weeks were a lot, and I’m sorry to do them all at once, but where I was in Germany, it was tough to watch and talk about them. Also, I accidentally found some spoilers, so I didn’t want to accidentally post about them and ruin it for any of y’all. Anyways, let me start by saying I could not be happier Becca K is the new bachelorette. If you saw my first Bachelor post, you know she’s been my long-time favorite, and I don’t know her, but from what I’ve seen, I think she deserves the world. She seems kind, empathetic, funny, and I think she’ll make one hell of a bachelorette.

Let’s unpack the fantasy suite dates first. I’m going to be brief since it was over a week ago, and the final was way more to cover. To start, I cannot believe he told all 3 women he loved them. If we learned anything from Ben H’s season, that’s a huge no-no, and it’s going to lead to someone being badly hurt. Which it did, shocker. Kendall’s date looked the most fun, albeit terrifying, and I’m glad he was respectful enough to pull her to the side during the rose ceremony and tell her it wasn’t working, rather than give out the roses and leave her wondering. I can’t say much about Lauren’s date, because I honestly don’t remember much, except the sky paintings. They honestly didn’t talk that much about anything important. I’m still baffled by the finale, but we’ll get to that. Becca’s little tent was so cute, and other than it not having a bathroom, I would really like to stay in something like that. Also, I cannot believe her ex-boyfriend showed up. Homeboy, you had 7 years to propose, and you’ve been broken up for a year. It might be time to move on. I think Becca handled it beautifully, though (as she has everything else) and was straight-forward with him, so there was no room for interpretation. You never doubted it was over.

Oh, boy. The finale. This is definitely the biggest disaster of a finale I’ve seen in my viewing life (I started with Jojo’s season). I don’t fully understand how you can be equally in love with two very different women at once, but then again I have never dated 30 people at once, so maybe you can be. However, if you are, YOU DON’T PROPOSE TO ONE RIGHT AFTER BREAKING UP WITH THE OTHER. Not to say Becca wouldn’t have still been hurt, but she made a great point on After the Final Rose that that moment will never be as special for her again. That sucks, and he took that from her. Now, I do wish Lauren and Arie all the happiness, if for no other reasons than it let me have Becca as the bachelorette and that I hope she didn’t get hurt for nothing. As always, I think Becca was the epitome of class and elegance, and I really don’t think she could have been any kinder to Arie under the circumstances. I guess I’m glad Lauren took him back, but I don’t think they should’ve gotten engaged so quickly, and I do think she at least should watch the finale. If nothing else to learn what she’s gotten herself into.

Becca as the bachelorette is the absolute best choice they could’ve made. She’s beautiful, funny, and she seems the most real out of so many of the other girls I’ve seen on these shows. The guys they brought out were super fun, and I hope she gets a group of men as amazing as Arie’s women were. She definitely deserves it. I did learn however that one of the men possibly went to my college and may have gotten kicked out of his fraternity for nefarious behavior. I won’t say who until I can confirm and/or he gets kicked off. Regardless, I am very excited for this next season, and cannot wait for May 28th! What are your thoughts on this season?


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