Bachelor Thoughts – Week 8

I can’t believe we’re already on Week 8 of this season. Somehow it seems like this season has simultaneously flown by and dragged on and on. I was so sure the boyfriend scene was going to be in this episode, but once again, I was disappointed. However, I am extremely pleased with the fact that I’ve gotten a rose ceremony at the end of every episode, rather than at the beginning of some and not at all in others. I hope they are using this season as a reset and will keep it up. Good work ABC!

On to the hometown dates. Hometown dates may be my favorite episodes, because by this point, we know the contestants well enough to be excited to see if their family shares their crazy. Of course, Kendall’s date starts with them walking into what appears to be an airplane hangar filled with dead animals taxidermy. I wish ABC didn’t zoom in on so many of them, because honestly, I find it a little creepy. Like, you do your thing, girl, but I’m not into it. I also really appreciated the look on Arie’s face when she said they were going to mount their own taxidermy. He looked petrified. Amazing. I know Kylie is her twin, but gosh they are so alike. They look alike, they talk alike, and they even seem to have similar quirks. Honestly, I wasn’t really concerned with the rest of her family, but I was sad her mom wasn’t named some version of Kris.

With Tia’s hometown date, I couldn’t believe we didn’t see Raven and Adam. ABC clearly loves Raven (and why shouldn’t they?), so I couldn’t believe that was cut out. Especially since they flew through the hometowns so quickly. I loved how much her family brought up the Kissing Bandit thing. It’s funny, too, because he got that nickname while he was on the Bachelorette, so there was only one woman. He didn’t get that name for being a womanizer, but that’s what they made it out to seem like. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he has been at some point in his life, but I don’t think that’s relevant to the Kissing Bandit nickname. Her family seems really sweet though, and I’m hopeful to see more of them, because here’s hoping Tia’s the next Bachelorette.

Becca K’s hometown date seemed the most natural for me. He seemed to fit in well with her family, and he even got teary-eyed with her uncle when he was talking about Becca’s dad. It was very sweet, and I’m really hoping she wins. They honestly just seem to have the easiest connection, and they fit well together. Her mom was so sweet, and I think she and Arie seemed to get along really well. I will be very surprised if she’s not at least in the final two. Also, the apple-picking date looked super fun. I want to try that slingshot thing.

Lauren. Sweet, boring Lauren. This was the most I’ve heard her talk the entire season, and it’s probably because her family seemed just as quiet as she is. Her mom seemed to be the most skeptical of this process out of all the families, and I would imagine it’s because her daughter has already had one failed engagement, and she doesn’t want to see her have another. I can’t blame her for that. I love in all the previews, ABC showed the dads being super aggressive, but they actually all got along really well with Arie. It was nice to hear Arie had gone to Afghanistan to visit the troops. My dad was in the Air Force and was deployed several times, so I have a special place in my heart for anyone who tries to make their time over there a little better. I think the final two will definitely come down to Lauren and Becca, and I hope Becca wins, but honestly, neither would surprise me.

With as fast as the hometown dates were over, I was surprised at how much they dragged out the rose ceremony. Arie seemed really torn, which makes sense, because they’re basically all too good for him. Regardless, when he pulled Kendall out, I was pretty sure it was a misdirect, and he wouldn’t be sending her home that night. I was not expecting Tia to go home yet, but I imagine they’re doing Women Tell All this Sunday, so they can announce she will be the next Bachelorette. I can’t think of who else it would be. She broke my heart though when she didn’t get the rose. She kept asking what she did wrong, and my heart physically heart for her. She’s so great, and I hope she finds someone worthy of her. I can’t wait to see what drama the Women Tell All and Fantasy Suites hold for us. Who do you think will win?

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