Why Getting Your Hair Cut is the Bomb

I love going to get my hair cut. Especially since the girl I go to is so sweet, and she works for herself, so she always gives me a really good deal. I went to see her yesterday to get my hair trimmed and styled and my eyebrows waxed. I always forget how amazing it feels until I’m there, and my hair is always so soft when I leave. Here are some of my favorite things about getting my hair cut.

  1. Someone plays with your hair for about an hour. I love having my hair played with. It’s so relaxing, and for me, it’s like the equivalent of getting a massage.
  2. My hair looks and feels amazing when I leave. I don’t think I ever feel better than right after I leave a good haircut. My hair is so smooth, and my hair stylist always thins it out for me, so it’s so light.
  3. You get to gossip guilt-free. Now, my hair stylist and I don’t know too many people in common, but it’s just fun to talk about your life with someone you only kind of know, but still feel like you can confide in.
  4. It raises my self-confidence. I’m trying to move back towards my natural hair color, which is kind of an ash brown. When I was a teenager, my mom and hair stylist at the time convinced me it was “dirty dishwater brown”, which obviously didn’t make me feel great. However, my current hair stylist always tells me how pretty my hair and my natural color are, and it makes me feel so much better.

Finding a good hair stylist is so important. If you’re unsure where to start, get referrals. Some places will even give referral discounts! What are your favorite things about getting your hair cut? Let me know, and happy hunting!

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