Bachelor Thoughts Week 3

This week, I’m enjoying the Bachelor during a snow day! Adult snow days are the best, and I’m going to make snow cream, read a book, and snuggle up under a big blanket. Anyways, onto this week’s episode!

That wrestling was so freaking awkward. I did not like the ladies in charge of it. Of course these girls aren’t going to be okay with you insulting them; they’re not wrestlers! It got under my skin, and I wasn’t even there. I’m glad Tia and Bibiana got to be paired up, though. I felt better for them after that. Also, I loved that green top that Bekah was wearing after the wrestling.

I cannot stand Krystal. She kills me on so many levels. I thought Chelsea was going to be the villain, but I think it’s actually Krystal. Or maybe in “the most dramatic season ever” there will be two villains! It annoys me when she asks if everyone got time and how everyone felt about their time, but she doesn’t really care, because she thinks she has the strongest relationship, and is so cocky. Also the whole “girls have never liked me” thing. I’m sure you gave them a reason, because you’ve given me a bunch and I don’t even know you.

Enough about Krystal. Where can I get some of those big wine glasses that Arie and Lauren S had on their one on one? Those were huge! I love a nice glass of sauvignon blanc, but I want a glass that size! Also, I don’t blame her for being guarded. Dating is scary, and especially in such a competitive environment. But, she’s babbling, and Arie looks so bored. I did not expect him to just send someone home so early, but go Arie! I love when the lead is willing to send people home.

I also want ABC to continue the trend of the leads bringing their dogs on dates. I’m here for it. I liked Annaliese at first, but I can’t really deal with her traumatic stories anymore. The host was probably the best part of that date. He made some great jokes. I knew I liked Caroline already, but I think I like her even more after this week. Ugh, and I still love Becca K. I hope if she doesn’t win, she’s the next bachelorette. I want a whole season of her. I would like Sienne as the next Bachelorette, too. I think those are my two picks.

I appreciate that Arie’s honest, and he doesn’t want to hurt their feelings, but he’s not going to sugar coat anything. If he’s not feeling it, he’s not going to keep them around. So far, though, this is my favorite season, because I’ve gotten a rose ceremony every night. Keep it up, ABC!

Edit: I forgot to mention how excited I was they brought Kenny on. I loved him in Rachel’s season and thought he might be the next bachelor. I hope he goes on BIP next season.

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