Weekend Discovery 12/18

I always struggle with trying to find new makeup shades because I worry that I won’t like the way they look on me. Ulta is really good about letting me take stuff back if I don’t, but it’s still a hassle to go back to the store, so I hesitate when buying new makeup that I haven’t tried before. However, this weekend, I discovered something that I can honestly say has changed my life, and something I’ve been wanting for a long time.

In Ulta’s app, they have a feature called GLAMlab. This amazing feature allows you to take or upload a selfie and try on different types and shades of makeup to see how they will look. The shades look pretty accurate too, because I checked them against some I already own to make sure. Remember that NYX Angel Food Cake lip gloss I was talking about last week? I tried it on in the GLAMlab, and I was right; it’s one that I would love. I also found an eyeshadow from NYX that I like, so I’ll probably add that to the list as well.

There are two options for the GLAMlab. You can either choose a basic option where they just add the makeup in the most common areas, or you can choose a more advanced option where you can choose where you apply the makeup and layer shades. Because it was my first time using it, I just used the basic option, but it worked great for me, so I have no complaints. My only issue was they only offered winged eyeliner when trying to add eyeliner, which I don’t wear very often, and you couldn’t add eyeshadow after you had added eyeliner.

The only other concern I had about the GLAMlab was that they are much better at blending than I am, so I just had to take things with a grain of salt. I do like, though, that there’s a tab showing which products you have applied, and you can easily add them to your cart. It’s made finding and remembering which shades I’ve liked is much easier. Also, you can save and share your finished looks, so if you’re like me and need reassurance sometimes that you actually look good in the makeup, you can share them with your friends.

I hope the GLAMlab turns out to be as helpful for you as it is for me. I’d love to hear some feedback and see if it helps y’all. Let me know what products outside of your norm that it’s helped you find and love!

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