The “Rules” of Makeup

Let’s talk about those rules that people talk about when teaching others how to apply their makeup. Don’t match your lipstick and eyeshadow, don’t apply makeup with your hands, don’t wear lipstick that’s too dark or too light, etc. We’ve all heard at least one, but I’m here to tell you that they’re bogus. Makeup is supposed to be fun! The great thing about it is that there are no actual rules. Do what makes you feel good, not what everyone tells you should feel good.

Why do these rules exist? These rules come from a time where women wore makeup for men, not because they liked the way it looked. While that still happens some, women are starting to empower each other and themselves, and their makeup is reflecting that. We’re getting bolder and showing off our personalities. We’re wearing brighter and bolder colors, and we feel more okay moving away from the nude look. Now, please don’t think this is me saying the nude look is bad; I love the nude look and wear it most days. What I mean is, we as women feel more comfortable being noticed, and we’re letting our makeup do the talking.

Trends change. What worked for our parents isn’t working for us anymore. Monochromatic makeup is in, and it’s okay to wear brightly colored makeup. As quickly as trends change, it’s important to make sure your makeup is comfortable for you. Don’t just wear something because it’s “in”, especially if you don’t feel like a goddess when you’re wearing it. You’re beautiful and deserve to feel beautiful, so find makeup that makes you feel that way, whether it’s trendy or not. Own it, and the trends will follow.

There are some merits to these rules, and while I don’t think they should rule your beauty routine, I do think they should be regarding before completely tossing them out. For example, don’t apply makeup with your hands. I put on my moisturizer, primer, foundation, and eye primer with my hands, and I don’t breakout that much. When I do, I find it’s usually because my brushes, not my hands, aren’t clean enough. Just make sure your hands are clean when you apply your makeup, and when applying eye makeup, use your ring finger because it applies less pressure on your eyes.

One of the things I love about makeup is experimenting. It’s a form of self-expression, and I like to try different things to see what I feel the most myself with. I love wearing dark lipstick when I go out with my friends. It makes me feel sexy and empowered, which isn’t always the case for me. What’s one beauty “rule” that you ignore or bypass that makes you feel like you can take on the world?

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