Why Moisturizer Matters

With winter bringing cold air and lots of wind, it’s easy for your skin to get dried out during the holiday season. The terrible thing about that is this is probably the time when you’ll take the most pictures all year. In order to keep your skin looking great for all those close-ups, it’s important to find a good moisturizer.

The type of moisturizer you use depends on the type of skin you have. My face tends to be dryer, especially in the winter, so I use a moisturizer with aloe in it to keep my face softer. I really like Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free moisturizer, because it has aloe to keep my skin soft and bamboo to absorb any oil and keep my face from looking shiny. You can get a 2.5oz bottle from Ulta for $7, or follow the link below to get it from Amazon.

Formula Ten O Six Seriously Shine-Free Moisturizers, 2.54 Fluid Ounce

So, why is moisturizer important? Well, other than keeping your face from drying out, it can also help your makeup last longer. When you start your makeup routine with moisturizer, it keeps your face from absorbing the rest of the products you put on afterwards. This means you can use less foundation, and it will stay on longer.

Moisturizer also keeps your skin hydrated. This keeps your body from overcompensating and producing excess oil that will make you break out. If you want to look great for those Christmas cards, this is one of the best ways to prevent breakouts in the winter. Plus, there are tons of moisturizers out there that have anti-wrinkle or anti-aging additives, or you can go with a tinted moisturizer as a foundation base or on days where foundation isn’t necessary, and you want something lighter. I especially like tinted moisturizer in the summer, because sometimes, foundation can get too heavy on my face.

Finding ways to keep your skin from drying out is the best way to keep your skin luminous for all those holiday pictures. Along with adding moisturizer to your daily routine, try not to over-wash your skin and hair, and don’t take scalding hot showers. This is the one I find hardest to follow, because I love a good steamy shower, but I try to put lotion on when I get in to at least trap some of the moisture. Whatever your trick is, remember that your skin is your largest protector from the elements, so treat it kindly this winter

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