Why Lip Gloss isn’t Just for High Schoolers

Lip gloss may seem juvenile, but with the advances made in recent years to increase pigments and longevity, lip glosses are no longer just for high schoolers. Lip gloss is great for lunch dates, every day wear, or even nights out where you’d rather wear bold eye makeup. Plus, lip glosses can help keep your lips moist, which is great for avoiding chapped lips in winter. Below are some lip glosses that can give you the powerful feel of wearing lipstick, without it being too thick or heavy.

One of my favorite glosses for evening wear is Moxie by BareMinerals in Maverick. It’s a rich reddish-brown that seems similar to the color of cinnamon candy. It also has a plumping agent that gives your lips more of a pouty appearance. It’s a little cold when you first put it on, but that’s just the plumping additive taking effect. Moxie is between $15 to $18 per color, and it works great by itself or as a topcoat to add some shine. You can find it at most makeup stores, or follow the link below to get it from Amazon.

bareminerals moxie plumping lip gloss maverick

Another gloss I like is Ulta’s Color Rush lip gloss in Olivia. It’s a medium pink color that’s great for every day wear. I actually wore it today when I met my husband for lunch. Because it is an Ulta brand product, you can only get it there, but they’re only $9, and currently, Ulta is running a promotion for buy 2 Ulta beauty products, get 2 free. With this deal, you can try out several colors, or get some other products to enhance your makeup routine, like a lip primer or some eyeshadow. The pigment on these are pretty rich, so I would wear it by itself.

NYX also has lip glosses with quite a few color options. They are $5 at Ulta, but I know you can get them at Target and Amazon, too. One color I’ve been looking to try is Angel Food Cake, but I haven’t gotten over to Ulta to test it out yet. It looks like a mauve color, which is my go-to color for fall and winter. I think mauve matches a lot, and I feel really empowered when I wear mauve lip products. You can get it in store or follow the link below to find it on Amazon.


While these glosses won’t work for every occasion, I do think they’re a great alternative for when lipstick feels to formal. Lip glosses have come a long way from the sticky, sparkly pink colors that they started as. Now, they’re available in a ton of colors that will complement any look. Let’s find better ways for adult women to add gloss to their makeup routines for those days where lipstick just seems like too much.

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