Winter Lip Colors

December is here, and, at least in Kentucky, winter is in full swing. Makeup trends change with the seasons, so let’s talk about some great winter lip colors. As the days get shorter and darker, you’ll want to stay with lip colors that are darker as well. I don’t mean wear black, of course you can if that’s what you like, but I just mean mauve instead of bright pink and wine instead of bright red. Below, I’ve got some great recommendations for different kinds of lip colors below, including glosses and mattes.

With the flood of matte lipsticks that have hit the market recently, it seems like lip glosses have been pushed to the side. However, I think glosses still have their place, and pigmented ones that have some lip plumping abilities are great for winter events. One of my favorites is Moxie by BareMinerals in Maverick. It’s a deep reddish-brown that reminds me of cinnamon candy, and it smells like mint. It also gets kind of cold when you first put it on, which I believe is the lip plumping ingredient taking effect. Its pigment is rich, and it works great by itself or as a topcoat. It runs between $15-$18 per color, which I feel is worth it.

Yesterday, I went to Kohls looking for some shoes and makeup to wear to my husband’s work Christmas party tonight. I got this lip kit from a brand called Academy of Color for $7. It contained a lip liner and matte lip cream in a color called “Reckless”. It’s a very dark red. I haven’t gotten a chance to test the longevity yet, but I like the color, and I think with lip primer, it would probably last as long as I’d need it to. They had some other great colors and some nice eyeshadow palettes that had 9 colors for $11, so if you’re near a Kohls and looking for new makeup, I’d go check it out. They were in their “Gifts under $20” section.

A lot of my friends use Kylie Jenner lip kits and love them, but I just have a hard time paying that much for them, plus they run out so quickly. I think the lip kits run about $25 per set, and the matte liquid lip colors alone are around $17 or $18 plus shipping. They do last a long time, but they dry out my lips. For matte colors, I prefer NYX. They are cheaper, around $7 per color, and I feel like they last well. My favorites are the NYX Lingerie Liquids, and Corset would be great for this time of year. They definitely work better with a primer. I use Ulta’s lip primer that comes in a stick. It kind of smells like sugar cookies and it goes on easily and keeps the color truer. Plus, it’ll help keep your lips from drying out so much.

Lip color preferences change from person to person and based on your skin tone. I am pretty fair, so these are my recommendations for fairer skin, although I think they’d look great on a variety of people. I hope this is helpful, and as always, feel free to drop me a message if you’d like anymore recommendations.

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